10 Favorite Bags Collection Luxury Choice For You

Bonjour! Hi, I’m Venezia Lowis and today I want to share my 10 favourite bags collection I’m kind of bags shopaholic especially cute, simple, and classic one because it will never out of style It is a must-have However I am not always buy brand from luxury designer brand Why? Who doesn’t love affordable product with good quality, right? if we keep searching we can always find good product with good quality, with good price perfecto I usually shop high street brands if you notice some of my bags collection look alike with luxury designer brands it doesn’t mean it is fake or counterfeit it is because high street brands are selling trend, style, or item that are currently hot in the fashion world anyway, for those who just watch me it’s nice to meet you don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I always have new video every week without any delay for those of you who are curious let’s watch my 10 favorite bags collection let’s get started first bag that I want to show to you is this little black bag it is made from glossy leather with details like gun metal toned hardware for the opening, it uses magnetic snap flap closure it is very easy to open and close the bag Despite of the small size, it can store my mobile phone, card holder, lipstick, and face powder one of the reasons why I fall in love at the first sight is the chain it has a very unique chain strap unlike standard chain design, it looks luxury and special it also features shoulder strap it won’t give a pain to my shoulder it’s quite difficult to get this bag because when I want to shop this bag is sold out already it takes weeks for me to search the same bag luckily, I find it in one of the store at the beginning, I doubt to buy this bag because the bag is made of fabric then I notice, the fabric is very beautiful classic tweed design multicolor however, the chain shoulder is so tiny but it has lobster clasp at the edge detachable if I want to change the chain I only need to open the hook like this for the opening, it uses twist-lock closure I have no regret bought this mini rectangular bag this bag can makes me look more fashionable especially when I wear casual and simple outfit at the glance, this bag looks alike Chanel, but it’s not.

This bag is one of my favorite because I am a denim lover and this bag creates stylish finish in my everyday outfit. chic quilted finish with accent gold-toned metal hardware when I don’t want to wear it in sling style I can double up the strap so this bag will turn into a handbag model the design is flap, it is featured with twist-lock closure let me open it you can see the inside looks like this it can store much enough goods unfortunately, due to the thick denim material iit is quite heavy to carry when travelling that’s why I am not carrying this bag when travelling I use this bag usually when I go to mall I like to mix and match this bag with my denim outfit it adds extra style points when denim meets denim.

This one is a wedding gift from my best friend Cella Vq she was previously insists to buy me lingerie but I chose bag instead of lingerie. this bag is eye catchy because of its model, retro-inspired block colored design the bag is a mix between green and blue color It is the perfect way to give any outfit a pop of color it is finished with polished gold hardware coated with cute mini padlock we can also simply double up the strap for a shorter carry I think, it turns more sophisticated with this style than the sling model previously, I already showed my little black bag now it’s time to show the big one this is one of my big-size handbag and one of my bag that has a signature plaited logo If you notice, most of my bags don’t have signature plaited logo on it why? because I prefer clean look with no logo I really like the quilted leather, it has a beautiful pattern it also features coin purse keychain this bag has a spacious interior no wonder why when I open it, I can fully zip down the zipper I put newspaper inside the bag when I am not using it to keep the shape stay perfect I usually carry this bag when I meet my Youtube friends or Indo Beauty VLoggers because I can put my DSLR camera inside the bag I can still put other essentials too such as bottle water or purse all mixed up in this big girl this bag also features shoulder strap but I rarely using it I often put the grab handles on my arm In my opinion, this bag is more likely to motochic style remind me to stylish girls who like motorbike boyish look this bag is surprisingly spacious despite of its small size I don’t expect there are 3 compartments actually it’s not three compartments it’s two compartments I count three compartments including the central part because the middle’s bottom is not open I usually put my mobile phone when I need to take a picture or do a vlog I just need to take it, place it, take it, place it because it is an open pocket don’t need to open and close the zipper for safety purpose, I close the bag by twisting the gold chunky twist-lock closure the color is maroon quilted leather the leather is not rigid that’s why it can store many goods inside the bag one of the positive point, this bag is light to carry the only negative side of this bag the strap is flat one not chain model if the strap is using chain model I think the design will be more elegant This one is the newest bag, I bought it recently ideal for versatile day-to-evening wear it has a structured silhouette which is contemporary and sleek the material is textured leather, rigid the opening is press-lock flap closure and for the interior part it has 2 compartments it also has external slip pocket at the back side but not spacious I can barely put my finger this is sure to become a wardrobe staple and “the it” bag the color is neutral black so it is easy to matching it to any kind of outfit this is Victoria’s Secret getaway duffel bag I usually carry this bag for travelling or sleepovers for example, I carry this bag to the beach I can put my bikini, towel, drink, etc it can store many goods because of its big size it is features shoulder strap, but I never use it I usually use the grab handles the color is also pretty pink and black color it is an alphabet mixed pattern the material is using thick canvas amazingly, this bag can be folded into three parts it is very functional I love this bag’s color soft nude shade unfortunately it is easy to be dirty this bag features quilted leather with vertical pattern it is so soft and fluffy for the opening, it features twist-lock closure again it can store quite much goods it also has shoulder strap it won’t give a pain to shoulder this bag makes the whole look more feminine and sweet.

The last bag is not particularly practical anymore previously I could store my old mobile phone in it but since my current mobile phone is bigger it can’t be fit in this bag anymore it’s so cute I’ve tried to put my mobile phone in many directions and many ways diagonally i tried to put it in middle because it has a spacious dimension but it does’t work this bag is the smallest one among the others the color is brown the velvet material makes this bag shiny add a luxury feel it is quilted pattern for the opening, it features twist-lock closure again I have many twist-lost closure bags the hardware and chain strap features a vintage tone I really love the chain just like the first bag it has a pretty chain strap I like bag with this kind of model so classic and timeless beauty. however, I’m wondering why the size is so small that was my 10 favorite bags collection actually I still have other bags I have not even open my newly purchased bags but I want to compile those favorite bags so that I can share it in my upcoming videos it will takes too much time and makes the video duration too long if I put it in one video only so stay tuned and wait my next video for those who ask me “why do I have to use different bags for different occasion?” well for me, bags are very important to support our appearance to be more standout that’s all for this video I hope you love it don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and wait for my upcoming videos

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