Fashion Bags Modelling Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection

Hello and welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be a fashion show of sorts modeling of some louis vuitton bags that i have i am 5 foot 7 about meters tall or and i’m a plus-size girl curvalicious so i hope this video will help you to see how the bags actually look when you wear them in case you were wondering so it can grab a cup of tea or a drink and enjoy the show so the first bag i have is the Bichette matisse this bag is one of my favorite luitel vuitton bags it is on the longer setting as you can see i can wear a cross body i can wear it on my shoulder

It is absolutely phenomenal this bag you know I don’t know there was a buzz about it so you know when you walk into a story see a bag and you just love it and buy it this is what happened I was having you know jitters because it was a lot of money to spend on something that was just unplanned but I had a friend with me and she said it looked fantastic and I have absolutely no regrets I get so many compliments with this bag whenever I and have it so the long strap is actually something that you can remove so this becomes like a little briefcase bag I can carry it like this let’s say if you are traveling and you want to go through the airport this is just a beautiful little bag to carry as a briefcase as you can see it has that vachetta leather so you can put a bandeau on it just to protect the cattle from to too much grease from your hands

You can even carry it under your arm like this like a clutch it is a phenomenal bag I mean I don’t understand why people don’t like it you know it has room roomie it carries so much it is just phenomenal but you can see this is a bag that I love and I’m so biased and I am NOT and I am unashamedly so so this is the bruschetta nities enjoy the next it’s not really a bag but I thought I might as well continue with a clutch a theme and this is the levert on toiletry pouch 26 now this is a toiletry pouch but a lot of people absolutely love carrying this part as a clutch and you can do you know you can do whatever you like this you know we only have one life to live don’t stick by any rules so this is the clutch that you can use with the toiletry 26 to be honest I’m not really a clutch person I like to be quite hands-free but as you can see if you put it under your arm for that when the occasion presents itself when you think it’s necessary Cavill clutch

You can actually use the toiletry 26 as a clutch it holds a lot and not only that it’s versatile I use it mainly for travel so you know the fact that you can have something that you can use for dual purpose or you know is amazing so you can carry carry your toiletries and then obviously you know know that you’ve got a bag kind of like a bag invent inverted commas that you can use as a clutch so that is the toiletry 26 now carrying on with the monogram 3 theme this is the speedy 30 now the speedy 30 is one of the classic louis vuitton pieces as you can see i like to carry things in my hands and I also like to carry it on the crook of my arm it can get quite heavy on the crook of your arm so that’s why because this is the version without a strap a letter a long shoulder strap you might get tied so you can see that actually the speedy 30 is a beautiful size it will fit even a frame like mine that is a bit larger it will fit smaller frames shorter frames this is an absolute joy you know I don’t use this bag a lot but I love it so much I think it’s one of the classic pieces that I will have for a very long time and it looks like it hasn’t Bettina but actually has and this is just a because of the lighting

I bought this bag probably when it was the earlier version so it has changed and obviously just to contrast the speedy 30 i have the speedy bandouliere 35 this is the this was my first louis vuitton bag believe it or not it is a bag that i love i mean i bought 35 because as you can see it’s on the shorter strap just now and i’ll be showing you the longer strap so you can actually the strap comes in two pieces so you can shorten the strap and sometimes i like carrying it just on the shorter with the shorter strap as opposed to the longer strap because the longer strap actually falls just below my hip and this is the you know setting that you can use if you want to carry it crossbody most people think the 35 is too big but for you can see on me it looks okay it looks fantastic this is my you know fantastic travel bag as well I can you know rock with a crossbody or my shoulder whatever this is with the longer setting of course so I absolutely love my speedy band earlier I know a lot of people like the 25 but for me this is the most practical bag for me it carries everything and I love it you know if you’re traveling you want a bag that can carry enough you don’t want to leave your pud you know valuable possessions in the hotel room so this is why I love this bag you can carry it on the crook of your arm and because it is the damn ear of bean version you know you don’t have to worry about the weather this is you know a fantastic bag again I’m going to exam not even exaggerating so this is a speedy 30 in monogram and you can see the size difference so the speedy 30 is a bit stuff so that’s why it looks very formed but you know my band earlier is probably my preferred bag off the speed ease and if you’re gonna get a version of the band earlier then you’ll be absolutely amazed so the next back i have is the louis vuitton artsy which is an arm pronk leather oh my god I could you know to be honest this bag is so expensive and i got it for a very good price if you want the details let me know but this bag is amazing it is the artsy and i absolutely love it it is almost like the bag that i can carry a nobody quite knows what it is I know what it is and that’s what makes me happy oh my god so you can use a foot travel you can see I i use it’s only a shoulder version read it’s a shoulder bag I mean you can carry it on the crook of your arm but that you know you can’t keep it up for so long there’s enough from under my arm I know some people worry about whether there’s enough room under the arm but I don’t plus-size I’ve got sizable arms but still you can see there’s still space and that leather is so slouchy it is beautiful it is softened up this is the Louboutin RC

Oh my god I love this bag as you can tell I’m a bag fanatic and I love almost well I love all the bags I have I can’t say almost I love them all and with the liver of the time as he comes with that charm so you can see if I swap it around that’s the sort of front side with the charm and it looks absolutely beautiful you can even accessorize your bag you can put um you know charms on it it is a beautiful beautiful bag now I’ve got another video showing myself modeling my new vuitton neverfull in the mm sighs this is the GM sighs so if you’re wondering should you get the mm or the GM look at me I can rock with the GM I don’t even need to worry about cinching it looks proportional to my body and you know obviously the lower fat on are never fall you can see that it is quite snug on the yarn but i can still even wear a coat and you know put the neverfull on my arm this bag to me is the correct size for my body you know it is a beautiful beautiful tote you can cinch it off cinched it just to show you what it looks like but this is not something I do ever

I’m quite happy to have the neverfull as it is so this is the cinch diversion and i didn’t bother fixing the straps because i don’t want to make any permanent cinching marks on my bag but of course it’s a show so i’m going to show you everything so you can see that there is enough room under my arm actually to carry this bag quite comfortably obviously if your arm is bigger you might struggle with getting the neverfull on your arm but you know what you know go into the store try it out and see if it fits right so the next bag is a small one this is the louis vuitton eva clutch in damier ravine so this is a little bag that I they is fantastic as a crossbody it is beautiful so you can see it comes with a long strap and I’m 5 foot 7 and this is not adjustable so I think if you’re a bit shorter you might think this bag is to a long for you so I can actually carry it on my shoulder and I can carry a crossbody because of my height it is a gorgeous little bag holds quite a lot and I think if you’re thinking wondering how much in holes let me know in the comments below and I can do a video to show you so with a demurrer being color look just how beautiful beautiful and subtle this bag is oh my goodness you know so I love carrying this bag for out for dinner when I want to be hands-free and even for like music concerts it’s absolutely gorgeous I am going to leave it on function and this is the bag that i am going to carry I’ve decided this is the bag that actually will do everything it also comes with a you know a gold-colored chain which you can then make you can take off the long strap and then you remain with a beautiful evening little bag from the Riverton I like the gold plated to be honest it scratched up a little but it’s not deformed it’s something that you should expect so you can see this you can carry it on I can carry it on my arm no problems at all and you know don’t worry about the scratching you know you get older just use the bags and enjoy so this is my video showing you how these bags actually look on a plus-size woman so I hope you’ve enjoyed watching my video because I’ve enjoyed making it I’m a bit of a model not rid okay kidding I really kidding so Oh Lord so anyways please subscribe if you haven’t and leave me any comments and thumbs up thank you till next time bye bye

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