Hey guys it’s John and today I’m back with a fashion haul and I have a two back here because majority I would say 80% is from a Korean brand called choo I have been obsessed with their websites mainly because I love their jeans recently I have been wearing the five kilo jeans the minus five kilo jeans like every single day and it’s just super comfortable and I actually purchased a few more so let’s see what I got so first we have shirts and again not everything is from truth so keep that in mind and first we have a top and it’s a French Bulldog it’s a gray shirt and I feel like it will match everything that I have very comfortable the fabric is soft so if you wanted to you could sleep with it I just feel like I’ll be wearing this a lot when I travel and it’s just something that I can wear on a lazy day and it will still be very cute so the next two shirts are not from Chu and first we have this indie brand striped shirt and indie brand is a rising fashion brand I feel like in Korea it started in Qatar secured and now there’s one key known gong and I think there is one in Kangnam now the one in cotton secure the one close to exit eight the second story the second floor everything is 50% off and I found this shirt and I purchased it for only 9001 and I love it because it’s super stretchy and it just fits really well and I love the color I’m trying to add more color to my closet I know it’s like very basic like navy green and grey but I’m still working on it guys the final shirt is from j.crew and this I bought when I was in America and it looks like this it says Paris on it this is actually something Janice picked out for me when we were inside j.crew and I’m super excited because I’m going to go to Paris this month so I probably won’t wear it when I’m in Paris just because like when I’m in Seoul I don’t wear shirt dresses Seoul and when I’m in Los Angeles I don’t wear shirts that’s a Los Angeles however when I’m at a different country I usually like to rep where I’m from or where I want to go so I’m going to wear it in Korea or in America but when I’m in Paris I’m probably going to wear something else but very very cute shirt next we have plazas and I have two from Chu and first we have this ivory colored one and super flowy and florally I like florals and I like it when they’re not too colorful because I don’t want anything to be too catchy and I feel like this is something that will ease me into the color season but it’s very cute and flowy I feel like it will match a lot of things that I’ll be wearing this spring and summer and finally we have a black blouse I know but this is a see-through one so you would have to wear a tank top inside it but I really like it because you know during the spring and summer it can kind of get confusing sometimes one day it will be super hot while summer it will always be hot but there is a spring time especially because it’s still transitioning from winter it could be very cold so you might want to wear a long sleeve so this is like the perfect long sleeve because it’s like a chiffon sheer material and it’s very flowy I love the design it’s not too cutesy but it is florally with some glittery petals on it as well so I do really like it okay so this bag is overflowing because I have some bottoms first off I am wearing these five qo- five kilo jeans and I have been loving in because if it’s super well and it just makes my legs look slimmer every time I wear my friends say did you lose weight and I honestly think it’s because of the jeans but maybe it’s because I don’t know people have been complimenting my legs every time I wear these jeans so I’m going to keep wearing them all right so we have a skirt and this is like the same concept it’s a minus side kilo jeans but it’s a skirt but what I love about it is that there are pants built inside of it and you don’t have to worry about having a Marilyn Monroe moment it’s very stretchy and I like the fit so far so I’m probably going to wear it a lot during the spring with stockings but during the summer I’ll definitely be wearing them a lot because they’re very comfortable and that’s what I like about two bottoms so far like everything is quite stretchy the material material is very soft and I just like the way it looks on my body next we have a pair of jeans and these are high-waisted – 5qo jeans I heard that there’s a plus 5 centimeter jeans which help make you look taller but I will keep you guys updated on that but I got this last time with the jeans I’m wearing right now I just love the fit the main reason why do jeans are so popular is because of the fit a lot of people love it and they feel more confident and then and I actually haven’t worn these out yet and I tried them on while I was shopping in the dressing room and I fell in love with the fit so definitely going to start wearing these now and finally I bought two pair of shorts they’re kind of from the same line but I got high-waisted black shorts and high-waisted denim shorts and they’re both also from the minus five kilo jeans next we have spring dresses so kind of florally and flowy and first we have one from NYX NYX and I actually wore this to Fashion Week and a lot of you guys were so shocked that I was wearing color in that picture but the main reason why I wanted this dress was because yes yellow is very trendy but also I recently watched Beauty and the Beast and I was just inspired by her yellow dress though I got the yellow one it came in red and green I believe but I chose just mustard color and I love it because there’s a tie that you can tie and also I love how its pleated from Choo I got a black dress it has flowers on it so it counts as a spring floral dress I love this one because of the bell sleeves it’s super flowy and I feel like whenever I wear this dress it makes me look taller because it’s a long dress and you can wear this with sneakers heels sandals whatever you want and it will still look really good I’m probably going to wear it with a leather jacket just to make it look a little more edgy but so far I think it’s a dress that I will definitely be wearing in the spring next we have dresses again but specifically black justice I know I needed a separate category for this one and first we have this black see-through mesh top and you might be like okay why didn’t you include this in the blood blouse category but it’s because I saw a model wearing it with this dress right here so I’m going to wear it together but obviously I have the choice to wear a tank top under it and where on its own I’m going to be going to a lot of events so I needed some dresses and it was easy for me to pick black ones because I don’t know you guys know my closet the next to justice are from a website called any TV and they basically sell a bunch of different brands but I picked out two black dresses from motel rocks the first one is quite silky and it feels like a nightgown almost but it definitely is for going out and my friend is getting married soon and she invited me to her Bachelorette and she’s going to have a bridal shower or bridal pop party I’ve never done wedding so I have very new to it so I mean I just bought a bunch of dresses because I needed some options and I felt like this is something that I might be wearing to her bachelorette party it’s not super like it doesn’t show a lot of your body which is something that I prefer so definitely a dress that I will be wearing the summer and this one right here is another black dress I liked the fit and I don’t know how else I can describe a black dress I mean there’s no pattern on here well I guess the sleeves are nice and flowy but yeah I mean I’ll wear it for you guys it’s a try on haul and finally we have shoes I love shoes I think that’s in our family we all love to collect shoes my brother has I mean he came to Korea and yard he bought like seven pairs actually I bought seven pairs for him but I loved collecting them and for the spring I tried picking out things that weren’t too black so I added some color to my shoe closet and first we have the only pair from Chu and these are just simple heels that are gray I feel like this is something that I could wear with a lot of my spring dresses so I thought it would be nice to have the next two are from na KZ and the first one are camel colored mules and I love how comfortable these shoes are when it comes to heel I like to avoid them because they can really make me feel uncomfortable and I would hate everyone after like five hours of wearing them so noodles are very comfortable to wear and these will match a lot of my spring dresses as well I mean since I bought a lot of black dresses I felt like this would be a great way to kind of add color to my outfit that day and the second pair are black booties I know I know I said I was trying to add color but when I saw these shoes they were just like perfect and I had to add them to my collection even though I have so many black booties but I mean these are suede and I actually don’t have suede black boots at the moment so I mean why not and so far I like them because they’re very pointy and yeah they’re very new right now so I’m going to have to take really good care of these because weight is really hard to maintain the final pair of shoes are the adidas Originals and they’re the black ones I know a lot of people have the white ones with the black stripes but I felt like this one was just more of me they definitely complete my outfit but the only problem I have with this is that this top right here is a bit heavy so the first two or three days I wore on my feet were aching because the shoe was heavy but then the more I broke into them I didn’t have that problem but I mean they’re very trendy or actually they were very trendy during the summer or fall last year and I’m starting to notice that a lot of people in America are starting to buy it now so if you want to buy Adidas you should come to Korea because there are so many sales right now and that’s it for my collective spring haul I know majority of it was from Chu but that’s what happens when you’re currently obsessed with a brand and Chu is kind of in the same like group for me as mix mix and stylenanda but I feel like Chu is a lot cheaper than them both depending on what you buy too because some blouses can be really expensive and some aren’t so definitely browse through their website to be honest it can be very slow so I’m warning you now but I mean I spent a couple hours on that and I bought all of them so I hope you guys found this video helpful and I hope you all have a Joan day and if you didn’t know what Joan day means Joan my name names good and day is day so have a good day I’ve lost every single day on my second channel joan day so check it out i’ll link it link the card up there or in the description box so come by and watch my daily vlogs if you’re into that I know I said a lot of days joan days yeah very repetitive ending but i hope that’s okay alright see you guys in my next video and yeah .

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