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Dollar Switch Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming #2030 USD Ergonomic Discount Rest Gamer Wrist Backlit Keyboard AULA Blue BigBoz.Biz RGB United 104 Wired Week's States keys 1
Rest States Discount Week's
Anti-ghosting RGB United Week's
keys Keyboard #2030 States
Anti-ghosting Wrist Blue Rest
keys Wrist USD Ergonomic

BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar AULA Keyboard Gaming Week's RGB Discount Mechanical Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer #2030

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Original price US $105.49, Discount 34%. Sale price US $69.62 Keyboards, Keyboards, AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer Keyboard #2030
Important: You can buy BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar AULA Keyboard Gaming Week's RGB Discount Mechanical Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer #2030 products items with the Credit Card, Doku, AliPay, etc. If you want to ask personally about this product, you can contact seller through support ticket. Please check buy link to ensure that items can be sent to your country. We will cancel the order if the item cannot be shipped to your country. Thanks.
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Product Description

This is a popular Buy BigBoz.Biz product sale Keyboards, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer Keyboard #2030 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. product that you must have. With a variety of advantages possessed, the products of this store are the right choice for you. You can see detailed specifications before buying. If you feel that the description of this product is unclear. Please contact us immediately. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar AULA Keyboard Gaming Week's RGB Discount Mechanical Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer #2030
Original price US $105.49, Discount 34%. Sale price US $69.62

Buy BigBoz.Biz product sale Keyboards, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:AULA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit Wired Blue Switch 104 keys Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Wrist Rest Gamer Keyboard #2030 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

Backlit 104 BigBoz.Biz keys 1

USD Gamer Keyboard Anti-ghosting 2

Discount Mechanical BigBoz.Biz Week's 3

About the shipping

DHL free shipping to major cities in Spain, the Netherlands, France, the United States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Note: Remote cities are not free.

We promise to ship within 24 hours and arrive within seven days via DHL.

Wrist Switch Wired Ergonomic 4

States Wrist Anti-ghosting Gaming 5

Discount Gaming #2030 AULA 6

AULA 2030 Chaser

Wired mechanical keyboard With Blue Switch

Keyboard Dollar Week's Ergonomic 7

Technical specifications

● Support 6-key and N-key mode selection. Online banking password entry is not affected.

● Keyboard size: 450 (L) × 213.8 (W) × 42.8 (H) ± 0.5 mm (with wrist rest)

● Keyboard size: 450 (L) × 154 (W) × 42.8 (H) ± 0.5 mm (without wrist rest)

● Keyboard weight:about 1.1kg (with wrist rest)

● Interface: USB

● Number of keys: 104

● Total stroke of the button: 4.0mm

● Button strength: 60±10g

● Rated voltage / current: DC 5V /

● Operating platform:WIN 2000/WIN XP/WIN VISTA/WIN7/WIN 8/WIN10/MAC OS

Switch AULA #2030 Ergonomic 8


Metal panel with distinct layers

Stylish and beautiful

Corrosion resistant, greatly improving the durability of the panel

Ergonomic AULA Switch United 9

Rest United Keyboard keys 10

RGB United Wired Gaming 11

Blue Gaming #2030 Discount 12Wired Gaming RGB Dollar 13keys Gamer BigBoz.Biz USD 14Keyboard Ergonomic Wired Rest 15Keyboard RGB Gamer AULA 16Week's States Keyboard BigBoz.Biz 17

Professional Blue Switch

The AULA mechanical switch has been tested by professional players to meet different types of needs.

The trigger points are optimized for faster command execution and superior durability.(50 million times ultra-long lifetime )

BigBoz.Biz Switch Rest Dollar 18

Backlit Wired Rest Keyboard 19Wrist Mechanical Wired Rest 20Gamer United Anti-ghosting Blue 21Mechanical RGB Keyboard United 22Dollar keys States Blue 23

The switch adopts AULA's original national patent dustproof and waterproof second generation technology.

Keyboard Wrist Switch #2030 24

Wrist Switch Backlit Blue 25#2030 Mechanical Rest Week's 26

Highly durable keycaps

The key cap is made by ABS injection molding process and laser engraving process to avoid the fading of the key cap.

It has high wear resistance and excellent light transmission. It is a good interpretation of technology aesthetics.

AULA Gamer Backlit Dollar 27Week's 104 USD Wrist 28keys Week's Backlit Mechanical 29AULA BigBoz.Biz Discount Week's 30States Anti-ghosting Gamer Blue 31

Various kinds of light effect flexible switching

Make the game experience better

Wrist States Switch Week's 32

Mechanical Discount Anti-ghosting Week's 33

Intelligent sleep mode:When the host enters sleep or standby state, the LED backlight will turn off automatically. The previous mode will be restored when the host is turned on.

Dollar Switch Mechanical Gaming 34

Illuminated logo on both sides,beautiful and fashionable

Gaming USD Mechanical Wired 35Backlit BigBoz.Biz Dollar Mechanical 36Dollar Gamer Wired AULA 37Week's BigBoz.Biz States keys 38AULA Keyboard Anti-ghosting RGB 39

Frosted texture design

The matte texture of the keyboard surface adds touch resistance, so that the hand does not slip easily when sweating.

United Mechanical #2030 Gaming 40

Gamer Blue Week's Wrist 41

Highly flexible structural design

The button has excellent elasticity, which improves the impact resistance and corrosion resistance of the product.

United States keys #2030 42

Back lift design and large detachable hand rest

Whether it's work or games, keep your hands from getting tired.

Gamer States Ergonomic Discount 43BigBoz.Biz Backlit Rest States 44

Gaming Anti-ghosting Rest Week's 45

104 Ergonomic #2030 Wired 46

Multiple outlets for cable

USD Wired Gamer Week's 47

High performance gaming chip

Stable and fast, greatly expanding the practicality and scalability of the game.

United Blue Anti-ghosting Switch 48

Great partner to play games!

The stroke is 2.0MM. The optical axis button is sensitive and responds 20ms faster than the normal mechanical keyboard. It is easier to win in competitive games.

Keyboard Week's 104 Dollar 49

States Week's #2030 RGB 50

Kinds of multimedia function with FN key

Black type

USD keys Week's AULA 51

Red type

USD keys Rest Anti-ghosting 52

Backlit Gaming BigBoz.Biz Anti-ghosting 53

Packing list

1 x Keyboard 1 x USB cable 1 x User manual

United AULA Backlit Gaming 54

Blue Backlit United Wired 55AULA Mechanical Gamer 104 56AULA RGB BigBoz.Biz keys 57Wrist Backlit Week's Blue 58

States Gamer RGB Discount 59


The PCB board is located in upper right of the keyboard.

Please keep it out of water.Avoid any chemical solvent into the keyboard,it is not a warranty for this situation.

Avoid water entering the switch area which is not waterproof area.

Once the water comes into the keyborad,you should release the keyboard stand immediately to let the water outflow from the hole in the bottom of the keyboard.

This keyboard is plug and play with one USB connector,no driver needed.

RGB Blue Wired Gamer 60

After-sales services

If there have any problem with the logistic or product,please contact us at first.We will try our best to solve the problem before you leaving feedback.Your understanding and support will motivate us to be better!

Rest AULA keys Wrist 61

Brand Introduction

Brand name source

The brand name of AULA originated from the tarantula. The tarantula has good ability of jumping, quick action, fierceness and strong toxicity. It has the spirit of being good at discovering, persevering, and unwavering. This is also the essence of the brand culture of the tarantula. The core content of the brand concept is to be the most excellent peripheral brand, constantly optimizing product performance and user experience.

Discount BigBoz.Biz keys 104 62

Logo design

AULA's diamond LOGO is a symbol of top quality. The torso is composed of a trident that symbolizes attacking and a diamond shield of defensing. It symbolizes that both the offensive and defensive are invincible! That makes people feel nervous and oppressive all the time, and enter the battle at any time.

Wired Mechanical United Dollar 63

Company Profile

The AULA brand is a professional e-sports game peripheral brand under the Shenzhen Suoai Electronics&Technology Co.,Ltd. The company pays attention to the needs and feedback of players,focuses on providing personalized peripherals for gamers with high performance, good experience and quality.

Shenzhen Suoai Electronics&Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the professional computer peripheral manufacturers with large-scale and modernization features in China. All of its factories have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and the manufactured products can meet the requirements of REACH, RoHS, FCC and other certification standards, and have a number of technical patents.

Gaming BigBoz.Biz Anti-ghosting Rest 64

Product Specifications

  • Type Wired
  • Application Desktop Laptop
  • Keyboard Standard 104 Keys
  • Language English
  • Operation Style Mechanical
  • Model Number 2030 Chaser
  • Interface Type USB
  • Style Waterproof Gaming For Laptop Ergonomics Multifunctional Keyboard Standard
  • Wrist Support Yes
  • Package Yes
  • Full Size keyboard Yes
  • Axis Body Brand Shenzhen Suoai Electronics&Technology Co. Ltd
  • Brand Name AULA

*Maybe you want to check detail specifications

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Other Currencies

Customer Reviews


average based on 9 reviews.

User Rating 5.0 (9 votes)
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1 star

Review by A***i from UA Apr 06, 2019
Color: red Logistics: Standard Shipping
I'll start with the fact that the keyboard is just a bomb! The quality of the keyboard is just at the height, all as in the description, the keyboard came whole and working! Seller recommend! In general, the jamb is a little erased paint (scum) shlrolaoporolpoldpnepog
Review by G***n from RU Feb 28, 2019
Color: black Logistics: Standard Shipping
Review by A***v from KZ Feb 27, 2019
Color: black Logistics: China Post Registered Air Mail
Very cool keyboard, all match description only did not put layout
Review by Shopper from MA Feb 27, 2019
Color: red Logistics: China Post Registered Air Mail
It is amazing genial in addition cheap compared to other brands
Review by I***e from RU Feb 12, 2019
Color: red Logistics: CDEK
Hello, everybody! Today i received the parcel.What you see in the photo from the seller, then you will actually get. The keyboard is very high quality made, metal, touch plastic and rubber. Weighty, such a table will not ride, it's a pleasure to print. The sound is certainly louder than the game membrane, but after all we buy high-quality mechanics;)The seller (yanqing zhang) is very positive and sociable, sent quickly, reissued himself on sdek without extra charge, and also put at once two sets of stickers (red and black), many thanks to him.Stickers decided not to glue yet, to my surprise i print in russian and without them, almost without errors and omissions, put next to the keyboard, sometimes peeping;) i recommend!!!
Review by G***n from RU Jan 14, 2019
Color: black Logistics: CDEK
The keyboard really liked, a little loud, but this i expected, in games behaves dignified, quite satisfied with the purchase
Review by E***a from BY Jan 01, 2019
Color: black Logistics: ePacket
Everything corresponds to the claimed, the only very sound when pressed loud
Review by D***v from RU Dec 28, 2018
Color: black Logistics: CDEK
And so i ordered this keyboard on sale, with a good discount, but did not pay attention to the delivery. The seller on the same day unsubscribed, and chose the best way of delivery, and faster sdek directly to the apartment delivered thanks to him for it! It will cover the keyboard it is excellent after the membrane razer yes i think and any other, it is sky and earth. Many options of illumination, there are three modes of custom illumination, that is, what you want can customize yourself. Mechanical keys just fire with a tactile click that you finger feel, in shooters to play is a pleasure. Works all quickly without delays. Maybe minus only that there is no software, and macros will not do but i do not use them. In short, an excellent keyboard i advise you to purchase!
Review by S***e from MU Dec 24, 2018
Color: black Logistics: China Post Registered Air Mail
Good product and very professional , friendly seller ^_^

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