30W P21W S25 Light
Dollar P21W Discount Bulb LED 2pcs Week's 30W USD 1156 WLJH Backup Chip XBD BigBoz.Biz Reverse Len 800lm Car Light States Lamp S25 For BA15S Sourcing DC12-24V United 1
30W P21W S25 Light
Light Dollar USD DC12-24V
S25 BA15S Discount Week's
30W USD United Week's
USD Discount Len For

BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar WLJH 800lm 30W Week's S25 Discount 2pcs 1156 BA15S LED Bulb P21W XBD Chip Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Sourcing DC12-24V

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Original price US $24.98, Discount 15%. Sale price US $21.23 lens for led chip, lens for led, lens led, lens for led chip, High Quality lens for led, China lens led Suppliers
Important: You can buy BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar WLJH 800lm 30W Week's S25 Discount 2pcs 1156 BA15S LED Bulb P21W XBD Chip Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Sourcing DC12-24V products items with the Credit Card, Doku, AliPay, etc. If you want to ask personally about this product, you can contact seller through support ticket. Please check buy link to ensure that items can be sent to your country. We will cancel the order if the item cannot be shipped to your country. Thanks.
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Product Description

This is a popular Buy BigBoz.Biz product sale lens for led chip, Buy Quality lens for led directly from China lens led Suppliers: WLJH 2pcs 30W 800lm S25 1156 BA15S LED Bulb P21W XBD LED Chip Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Lamp Sourcing DC12-24V Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. product that you must have. With a variety of advantages possessed, the products of this store are the right choice for you. You can see detailed specifications before buying. If you feel that the description of this product is unclear. Please contact us immediately. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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BigBoz.Biz USD United States Dollar WLJH 800lm 30W Week's S25 Discount 2pcs 1156 BA15S LED Bulb P21W XBD Chip Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Sourcing DC12-24V
Original price US $24.98, Discount 15%. Sale price US $21.23

Buy BigBoz.Biz product sale lens for led chip, Buy Quality lens for led directly from China lens led Suppliers: WLJH 2pcs 30W 800lm S25 1156 BA15S LED Bulb P21W XBD LED Chip Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Lamp Sourcing DC12-24V Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

2x 30W 800lm S25 1156 BA15S LED Bulbs P21W LED XBD Chips Len For Car Backup Light Lamp Reverse Light Lamp Sourcing DC12-24V

*Get It Right The First Time* Warranty: Buy with confidence, We offer "ONE YEAR" warranty!

Item Description:

This listing features 2pcs Brand New,High Power super bright 1156 BA15S LED bulbs.

**High Quality 30w high Power XBD Chips ** W/ Focus Len *Bulit with high quality heatsink*


1.Led Type:6-XBD Chips

2.working voltage : 12-24V

3.Wattage:30W High Power

3.LED Color: 6000K Xenon White


5.Life time:60000hours

6.Durable and non-fading brilliant beams.No UV or IR radiation

7.Lens: Virtually Unbreakable PMMA Lens


- Don't switch on the power when you install the bulb. While the bulb is in use, please don't touch the LED SMD's.

- LED bulb is low power device, the following issues may occur if you want to use LED bulb on some European vehicles:Hyper Flashing, No Flashing, or Error Code. Those are NOT problems of LED bulb and NOT covered by warranty.
You may simply add a set of load resistor (NOT included) to avoid those issues.If you want to purchase the load resistor, please search in our Store.

Packing List:

2pieces 1156 BA15S Bulbs

Please compare this with others led.. You will see the differences..

With Angel Eyes Focus lens which make the light output looks more round and clean

See it to believe it!!! Super nice!!! Don't have to take my words for it, just try it...

Week's 30W 1156 800lm 1

Week's 2pcs Reverse Light 2

800lm 1156 Len Sourcing 3

Backup Light P21W Discount 4

Backup Light Chip States 5

Len United LED XBD 6

P21W United XBD Discount 7


Car WLJH Backup USD 9

Dollar Week's XBD Sourcing 10

Light Car For 30W 11

Special thanks for Valued Client to provide us these awesome looking pictures!

Compatibility :

A car uses different bulbs at different positions. Please check your car manual for correct Part Number and bulb size before bidding. Thank you

If you are not sure what type of bulbs you need for your car,please contact us with your car make model and year made,we will find out the right bulbs for you.Thanks!

for 2015 BMW 228i
for 2015 BMW 228i xDrive
for 2015 BMW 320i
for 2015 BMW 320i xDrive
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for 2015 BMW 335i
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This LED Bulb is an WLJH Trademark Brand product and is exclusively offered by WLJH Only!
WLJH are specialized in auto led bulbs for 10 years, strict working attitude, every customer will get High-quality products and services in our store.

WLJH always highly respects technique and innovation and has been pursuing first-class products and service.

Please refer to our led buying to find the best fit bulb for your car model!
if you do not see your vehicle listed, we recommend you to contact us with your questions and we’ll get back to you with a recommendation.


Light 800lm Week's Discount 12

Shipping: We only ship to confirmed order addresses.

Shipping time:Transit times may vary, particularly during the holiday season.we are not responsible for any custom duty or import taxes!

Return:If you are not satisfied with the item, please help to return it within 10 days with your receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, not including the shipping & handling fees.

Contact:Whenever you need us, we'll be there. Contact us by message and get all the answers you need to work on your vehicles.For larger quantity,please contact us,you will get our best price!

Product Specifications

  • Passat-Year 2008 1996 1994 2001 2007 2004 2003 2005 1997 2009 2000 2006 1998 1999 2010 2002 1995
  • Volkswagen Model Passat
  • Item Type Reverse Lights
  • Interface Type BA15S (1156)
  • For Vehicle Brands/Model Volkswagen
  • Brand Name WLJH
  • Item Weight 16
  • Voltage 12V
  • Wattage 30W
  • Model Name 1156
  • Lumens 800LM
  • Base type BA15S P21W R10W 93 97 98 105 1003 1073 1141 1156 Led Lamp
  • Application Car Signal Backup Reverse Light Day running light Lamp Bulbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number 1156 BA15S = 1073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1259 1459 16
  • Interchange Part Number 1619 1651 5008 5007 1680 3496 5007 5008 7506 7527
  • Application2 Common use for Signal Signal (Turn. Brake. Tail. Backup) light
  • Application3 Car RV Trailer Camper Boat Interior Light
  • Voltage 12V - 24V
  • Car Model 1 for VW B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6( (3C5 B6) (3C2) B5 (3B5) B5 (3B3) (3A2/3A5)
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Car Model 2 for VOLKSWAGEN Passat B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 VW

*Maybe you want to check detail specifications

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